Understanding the Concept of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

The main symptom that is primarily seen of alcohol addiction is when the alcoholic goes without alcohol for a very long period of time and suffers what is termed as withdrawal. Now how to get a relief from withdrawal of alcohol!!! The primary symptom of the psychological side of alcohol addiction is an inability to get through several consecutive days without any drink and without becoming very anxious, or emotionally unstable and angry.Once you understand this, you  can also consult a drug detox rehab at your locality.

It is very important to understand about the level of inability to cope up or bear with difficulty or pain that leads to any kind of addiction. Addiction forms when something reliably makes us feel better and comfortable. The first drink you may have started off  because of peer pressure, friends in school or home, but at some point we come to realize how much better an addictive substance makes us feel.

In case of alcohol, you can count on feeling much better while under the influence. However, your body adapts to the alcohol and you will continually have to top the dosage to get the desired pain and stress relief. At some point of time, no amount of alcohol will help you escape or change your original difficulty or pain, but a very small amount of alcohol will be required in order to keep your mind and body functioning in the inebriated manner on which they’ve come to understand and fully rely.

Alcohol addiction starts with a psychological inability to cope, and so eventually becomes a physical and emotional addiction. It is very easy for anyone other than the addict to notice alcohol addiction. Mostly only someone in denial can miss the signs. A person who drinks daily is very likely to be an alcoholic.

A person who drinks in the morning or within 24 hours of operating heavy machinery is also very likely to be called an alcoholic. Some, knowing deep down that this is an inappropriate and bad use of alcohol, will try to hide their drinking by withdrawing from social interaction.

A surefire test of alcoholism is to decide to go without a drink for a couple of one or two weeks. Most alcoholics will come with a variety of excuses amounting to them simply don’t want to do that. Others may try it, but in the process may fail miserably and come up with a rationalization.

It takes a rare alcoholic to admit alcoholism. If someone is able to simply give up alcohol for one or two weeks without any emotional or physical signs of withdrawal, he is not yet alcohol addicted. Other signs of  alcohol addiction are to look out for drinking until blackout, the increase in moodiness, sudden weight difference, slurring speech and sudden lack of coordination. Some of the most obvious signs are getting drunk all most regularly, purchasing alcohol regularly, and missing any appointments regularly, especially in the morning.

It is important to know the signs and help those with alcohol addiction to get into a treatment program, as they cannot control themselves again.



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  1. Alcohol addiction is defined as a chronic disease in which your body and mind become dependent on alcohol.

  2. Thanks for sharing such useful article. Every person need to understand concept of alcohol addiction and must be understood effect of alcohol addiction in their family

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