Supporting Your Newly Sober Loved One

supporting newly sober

How to Support Someone Newly Sober

Despite the challenges, families who understand the unavoidable high points and low points of early recovery place themselves in a solid position to offer their adored ones an important support. Very important, they are equally able to maintain their own peace of mind as the way to recovery unfolds – and everything changes.

At a point when a friend or family member has started their sober journey, you may feel stressed out over their future and how you should act around them.

To the newly sober addict/alcoholic, your support is vital at this very time. If they’re going to have their best chance at avoiding relapse, they require YOU. Here are a few tips about how you can best help support their sobriety.

You Don’t Need All the Answers
Your love one has no clue about how to live without alcohol or drugs. They may swing to you for answers– and you don’t have them. They are accustomed to listening to your proposals as “attempting to control alcohol addiction”, which only feeds their relapses. Provide the support, not the control.

Give Them Your Time
Even though you might have told them that you would be filing for separation or that they needed to move out if they did not seek help for their addiction, it may not be easy to start trusting again.

People new to recovery are often lonely – they must avoid old drug/drinking friends, and yet they can’t relate to sober friends and family.

Maybe they’ve separated themselves since they feel embarrassed for their past practices.

Tell them that you love spending time with them. Show them that nothing can disjoin your relationship – not the past, not their focus on recovery, or not in any case relapse.

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